Mahjong Hu Pai teaches you how to treat all of them as a winning army
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Mahjong Hu Pai teaches you how to treat all of them as a winning army

When playing mahjong, I often ask for good intentions, which leads to playing too many risky cards in the process, and finally loses all of them. The real master will judge the hand type to decide whether to play this hand or not. The important concept is to play cards. It doesn’t mean that when your starting hand stands up, you have to judge in your mind whether the card should be played, offensive or defensive, or resolutely not played. After all, there is no mahjong and put Compared with the gun, the former is better.

How to play mahjong

This article about Mahjong and Hu will provide a more accurate method for judging whether a card is good or not. It is called “counting a few cards”, which means that you can draw after a few cards are entered. It is based on the probability that you can enter the draw state and Speed ​​determines your style of playing cards. Don’t rush forward innocently. Observe the situation and play cards smartly.

How to judge a good hand or a bad hand in a mahjong draw?


Starting hands with “0~3 in the draw” = good cards

Starting hands with “4~6” cards = offensive and defensive

Starting hand “6 wins or more” cards = bad cards

Mahjong Hu card, but if you are not very good at judging how close you are, it is recommended that you can see how many partners you have. If there are less than three, it means that you have to spend a lot of time to draw. It is recommended that you can get off directly Switching to defensive mode is very important. I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to firmly remember the concept of “playing cards is not all you need to play” to make you reborn as a winning army at the poker table.