Mahjong Lonely Zhang teaches you skillfully to guess Sanjiahu's cards, ten hands make you Hu nine hands
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Mahjong Lonely Zhang teaches you skillfully to guess Sanjiahu’s cards, ten hands make you Hu nine hands

Is the probability ratio of the kaleidoscope word in the mahjong tiles 4.25:4.25:4.25:3.3? That is to say, basically there will be 4 to 5 million, 4 to 5 tubes, and 4 to 5 out of 16 normal matching cards. Bars, 3~4 cards, of course, the probability is unlikely to be the same for every one. It is possible that you have very few on one side. At this time, I have fewer enemies and more enemies. If you have only one or two cards in today’s match When it’s the so-called “Lonely Zhang”, do you often knock it out without hesitation? This is actually wrong, because according to the probability, each house will have 4~5 slips, but now you only have one, which means that the other three have The chance of more slivers is very high, so if you knock out this sliver at once

It’s easy for your next house to get a card. That’s why many people lament that all the lonely Zhangs will be fed to the next house. In fact, chance tells everything.

At this time, you should first knock out the big cards or some bad matches, which may speed up the progress of the next game, and wait until you really want to enter the cards before playing them. Your progress and back to the point of probability, every time you draw a card, the probability of touching the kaleidoscope is 1/4, which means that if you knock out the lone card, you will be in the next 4 hands. In the game, there will be a card that you absolutely don’t want, but if you buckle it, you have a high chance of making a match, which increases your chances of playing cards. So when you happen, I have fewer enemies and more enemies In the situation, remember not to get rid of Lone Zhang too early and carefully observe the situation before making a decision.