Mahjong package track one loses three | cash version to make money without effort
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Mahjong package track one loses three | cash version to make money without effort


If you make some serious mistakes in playing mahjong, you will have to pay for three. This is a very serious consequence. Instituting for compensation means that when players make some serious mistakes, they must give each family a bottom eight. Taiwan, basically 12 o’clock, does the dealer’s additional points counted by the dealer’s table sound terrible?

The mahjong matchmaker violated the rules after the matchmaker

When you have sex, you can’t do things like eating, eating, or being smashed. If you still insist on breaking the rules, this behavior is also called villainy and must compensate the other three.


This word must be familiar to everyone. When you flip your hand without a draw, or make a mistake, it is called swindle, and you have to cover the compensation, so I sincerely advise everyone to confirm that your hand is correct and then fall. Card.

Mahjong Unfinished Shui Hu tiles

In the previous article, it was mentioned that after mahjong has passed the water, you must play a card that you did not listen to before it can be considered to be relieved.

Mahjong peeks at other players’ hands

Everyone must have a card for playing cards. If someone is really doing this kind of thing with you, then ask him to do it.

Mahjong Wrong Concealed Kong

It is well known that the Kong card requires four identical cards. If you find that someone’s Kong card is not like this (for example: southeast, northwest), ask him to take out the points no matter whether he deliberately or not.