Profession master teaches must learn|Mahjong combination of 17 tiles, only Hu tiles
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Profession master teaches must learn|Mahjong combination of 17 tiles, only Hu tiles

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The happiest thing about playing mahjong is that Hu is no matter how good your hand is, but Hu is useless. The condition of Hu is that there are five straights or engravings plus one eye and a total of 17 cards can be used. , Before the Hu card, it will go through a stage called Draw, which means that the card can be played by one card. During the game, the normal number of cards for each player is 16. The Hu card requires 17 cards, which means that the Hu card condition must be established when the 17th card is played, so the draw is very important.

Mahjong Kezi OR Shunzi OR Eyes

Straight: Three consecutive number cards (seven ropes, eight ropes and nine ropes).

Engraver: Three of the same (eighty eighty eighty thousand).

Eyes: Two identical (whiteboard and whiteboard) are also called trump cards.

Mahjong listening double head

After having a pair of eyes and the remaining four ticks, the remaining two cards are consecutive and not one or nine (ex. two to thirty thousand). In this way, you can have ten thousand or four hundred thousand. The card, that is, the form of listening to one or forty thousand two holes is called double-headed.

Mahjong sounds right

After making up the other four minutes of Mahjong Hu, you find that you have two pairs of eyes (ex. South and West) in your hand. At this time, the cards you draw are South and West. This kind of draw is called right and right. The most popular hand type for novices.

Mahjong solo

After Mahjong Hu has a pair of eyes and the remaining four quarters, the remaining two cards have only one vacancy (ex. two or four thousand, one or two barrels). Barrel), but when you draw other cards, you can draw in multiple holes.

Mahjong Single Hanging

When you find that you have made up five moments but have no eyes, you will be forced to listen to the card of the brand, (ex. South South South West) At this time, you can only hang on the west wind, which is very embarrassing.


When you draw, the other three players can play the cards you draw and you can go straight. This is when the player fires the gun, but if you are self-drawing, it is a different matter. Anyone who has played mahjong must know that self-drawing is a game. When it’s the coolest, as the name suggests, you draw the card you listened to, so you win the other three by yourself. This is a super supplement, but remember that the card you draw cannot be inserted into your hand. It will happen. You should be careful about counting errors and suspicions of cheating.

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