Playing mahjong is taboo to touch by mistake. If you don’t believe in evil, you just wait to lose money
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Playing mahjong is taboo to touch by mistake. If you don’t believe in evil, you just wait to lose money

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Mahjong can be said to be a game of luck. Your own good luck is very important. If you accidentally break some taboos, you may lose your pants on the day because of this. So here I will help you sort out the “Nine Major Table Taboos” for you. When playing cards in the future, you won’t accidentally touch it and your luck will run out all of a sudden.

Mahjong taboos to slap shoulders and back

When playing mahjong, many people will avoid other people slapping their shoulders and back, because they will slap their luck away.

Mahjong Taboo Lianzhuang Leaving Your Seat

Lianzhuang represents the dealer’s vigor. If you leave your seat at will, you might lose your luck. It’s okay if you don’t care when you’re in the dealership, but you shouldn’t get up and say that you want to go to the bathroom or move your body based on politeness when you’re connected to the dealer. Such things should be done after going to the village.

Too many taboos and swear words in Mahjong

It’s normal to talk bullshit with a friend twice, but don’t be distracted by talking and affect your judgment! And not to swear swearing is actually to keep you happy at the poker table. Swearing can bring negative energy but is not helpful at all.

Mahjong Taboo Table Borrowing Money

Affecting wealth, borrowing money = lending good luck.

Mahjong taboo chair without back

A chair without a backrest means that there is no backing and it is easy to lose money.

Mahjong taboo playing four games in a row

At present, all three companies have played the west wind, and the fourth one is going all the way back to the west, which is considered unlucky.

Mahjong put together the taboo south wind to make a fortune

It is considered unlucky that homophonic sounds are difficult to pronounce.

Mahjong taboo north wind facing oneself

The north wind touches the card and plays it upside down, which means luck will be back.

Mahjong Taboo Head Hu Erzhuang

Dongfeng East now home hunke a handful, the next game will be very weak

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